Bar oversigt
1 / 23
Cocktail Week 2018 - Curfew
Stenosgade 1, 1616 Copenhagen V
Minimumsalder på baren er 18 år
AOK cocktail bar winner 2017

To cocktails - 100 kr. (+billetgebyr 11 kr.)

Første Cocktail - Festival Cocktail
Orientalsk inspireret Gin & Tonic
bestående af Jinzu Gin og Fentimans nye Yuzu Tonic

Anden Cocktail - Barens egen signaturcocktail
First Aid
Tanqueray gin, fresh lime, dry port wine, aloe vera honey

A speakeasy for our time, Curfew offers such a warm welcome. Curfew is like going behind the scenes of Alice in Wonderland. It’s a treasure chest of stories, details and wonders morphed together like nowhere else. This is like entering the shrine of a true collector. And that’s exactly what it is. Curfew is the embodiment of what it’s founder Humberto Marques has collected through a life time behind the bar. There's so many quirky shakers, unique vintage machines and posters to strike up a conversation about that you won’t need to check your twitter feed. The menu? Scandinavian with a Portuguese twist. Here you’ll get aquavit and port, sherry and snaps. The menu contains lots of seasonal, classics and modern interpretations with great sense of details, creativity and flavor combinations. The service at Curfew is top notch, where politeness, competence and due diligence are the cornerstones. You will be in good hands, from the minute you walk in. Welcome to Curfew!