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Cocktail Week 2018 - Balderdash
Valkendorfsgade 11, 1151 København K
  Søg & Køb billet   Minimumsalder på baren er 18 år

To cocktails - 100 kr. (+billetgebyr 11 kr.)

Første Cocktail - Festival Cocktail
Orientalsk inspireret Gin & Tonic
bestående af Jinzu Gin og Fentimans nye Yuzu Tonic

Anden Cocktail - Barens egen signaturcocktail
The Crow
Vodka, Beet-Raspberry, Vanilla, Egg White and Freeze Dried Raspberries

At Balderdash we always try to "keep it hygge." We are a cozy cocktail bar nestled in the center of old Copenhagen. We are located in a historical building, and love adding to the rich story of the area by providing Copenhageners as well as voyagers with drinks and a ”Hyggelig” atmosphere.

Our cocktails are whimsical and forward thinking, using the classics as inspiration to create new but interesting drinks that reflect our environment and our moment in time.