Bar oversigt
18 / 37
Kester Thomas
Studiestræde 9, 1455 København K
Minimumsalder på baren er 25 år
Celebrating the Copenhagen Jazz Festival with live music on February 16th

To cocktails - 100 kr. (+billetgebyr 10 kr.)

Cocktail 1
Festival Cocktail

Tanqueray 10 & Fentimans Connoisseurs tonic

Cocktail 2
Barens egen signaturcocktail

Old French
Cognac // Lime // Mint // Champagne syrup // Ginger Beer

Located in the heart of Copenhagen, the story of this cozy wine and champagne cocktail bar actually starts at the London bar scene. Kester Thomas was an English bartender and a remarkable man that always had a new creation or experiment up his sleeve - a mad scientist of cocktails if you will. As a tribute to Kester Thomas, as well of his creativeness, the bar has been named after him and designed in his spirit.

The bar is decorated like an actual apartment, and the atmosphere is created by a mix of mellow jazz and soul music to create a homely and cozy surroundings that cater to a mature crowd. But what's more important is, of course, the menu: Kester Thomas offers a unique concept with a cocktail menu that's entirely based on the grape, using the wonderful flavors of wine, champagne, and grape-based spirits. Kester Thomas also offers custom events such as wine, champagne, and spirit tastings as well as cocktail courses, and twice a month, you can visit the bar for live jazz events.