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32 / 37
The Jane
Gråbrødretorv 8 kld, 1154 København K
Minimumsalder på baren er 23 år

To cocktails - 100 kr. (+billetgebyr 10 kr.)

Cocktail 1
Festival Cocktail

Zacapa 23 & Fentimans Ginger Beer

Cocktail 2
Barens egen signaturcocktail

Janes Passion

"She seems a distorted and dreamlike vision through the veil of cigarette smoke and cabinets of whisky bottles, but I know that she is very real and that she has ensnared me in bonds of irresistible desire.

I will be coming back to feel her tender embrace as will many others, but none of us will be walking home with her. She has her own agenda..."

Visit The Jane and enjoy our great cocktails by the fireplace, later at night the secret doors will open and reveal both dance floor and two more bars.