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5 / 36
Brass Monkey
Enghavevej 31
  Søg & Køb billet   Minimumsalder på baren er 25 år
Rum & Hula

To cocktails - 100 kr. (+billetgebyr 10 kr.)

Cocktail 1
Festival Cocktail

Zacapa 23 & Fentimans Ginger Beer

Cocktail 2
Barens egen signaturcocktail

The Flaming Zombie
Brass Monkey's signature cocktail with flames. Contains three different types of rum, pink grapefruit, pineapple juice, lime and gomme. Topped with Absinthe

Denmark’s only Tiki bar, in the centre of Copenhagen
Join us at Brass Monkey on Enghavevej 31, and let us take you on a rum-fueled journey. A night at Brass Monkey is a world apart from the stresses of your working week. You might be in Vesterbro, but you’ll feel like you’re on a beach along the South Pacific! At Brass Monkey we are proud to have the largest assortment of rums in the whole country, with liquor shipped from all over the world. Drop by to taste some of the finer rums the world has to offer, or, unwind with one of our handcrafted cocktails, sure to satisfy even the most particular of tastes. Even if rum isn’t your thing, we’ve got you covered.