Bar oversigt
34 / 36
Sværtegade 6 1118 København K
  Søg & Køb billet   Minimumsalder på baren er 21 år

To cocktails - 100 kr. (+billetgebyr 10 kr.)

Cocktail 1
Festival Cocktail

Tanqueray 10 & Fentimans Connoisseurs tonic

Cocktail 2
Barens egen signaturcocktail

Mr. Romanos Iced Tea
Gin, Homemade Earl Grey/Abricot Liquor, Lemon, Mint and Ginger Ale

At The ZOO we strive to create a intimate and festive atmosphere, where you will be able to enjoy our selection of cocktails as well as party and slowly let you inner party animal loose!

The bar is divided into a cocktailarea, with several tables, and a dance floor, where our DJ will create the right atmosphere for you to continue the party, when you got enough liquid courage or simply feel like dancing.

We hope to see you!

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